Program Series : The Joy of Learning the Kadenze Way

Program 1 : Your Joyful 21st Century Learning Framework

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
Albert Einstein

Grasp ‘the supreme art of the teacher’: Kadenze, Inc. shows you how.

Program Description

Our Learning Framework


These are times without precedent for education.

Tenacious teachers know they must adapt and adjust to address the changing priorities and behaviors of their students and their employing authorities. It is not simply a matter of doing learning design better; they need to rethink learning design completely.

The solution is to ensure learning design embraces a pedagogy of creativity which captures each learners’ creative capacities, ignites curiosity, encourages imaginative experimentation and values embodied intelligences. Only then will student motivation be reinvigorated, student autonomy flourish, and that ‘supreme art of the teacher’ identified by Einstein be recovered for all.

The Joy of Learning the Kadenze Way is the breakthrough Program you have been looking for: a C21st learning design which adapts to the conditions of modern teaching spaces.

In this Program you will:

Become expert in Kadenze’s learning design framework Technology Enabled Creative Learning (TECL). Our proven approach for highly engaged and creative classrooms.

Design courses which embed a pedagogy of creativity and experimentation

Complete a scaffolded Learning Plan applying the TECL framework to a course of your choosing.

Identify the value of the live class, alongside synchronous and asynchronous modes of delivery.

Use seven strategies to personalise learning

Save time using efficient templates for engaged learning

If you are
  • a teacher of K-12
  • a teaching artist co-designing workshops in the arts
  • a university professor someone with wisdom to share in a world hungry to learn differently
be among the first to discover the breakthrough Program The Joy of Learning the Kadenze Way.


Group Discounts are available

Launch Offer : Kadenze Cares

*Individuals Pay What You Wish (WYW)

Creative pricing for creative teachers!
Kadenze, Inc. understands everyone deserves as much support as possible in these difficult economic times so we have adopted an open pricing model for individuals who wish to start this Program. For a limited time only, you can take the first Program of the series, using our Pay What You Wish (WYW) pricing. This means you can name your price to enroll in Your Joyful 21st Century Learning Framework.

As a guide, we suggest a minimum payment of $250**
**At this level, we will include, free of charge, 5 months of Premium membership valued at $100.

Still too big a reach? Name what you can afford and pay for that.

Start now with this special offer:

Take the first three lessons of Program 1, Session 1 free of charge. We are confident you will be bowled over by our approach to online learning, the expertise of our team of five instructors, and the practical scholarship of our pedagogy of creativity.

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"Taking the Teaching Design course has been an incredibly enlightening and transformative experience. The comprehensive curriculum covers all essential aspects of teaching design, from design principles to technology integration. The experienced and passionate instructors create a supportive and collaborative learning environment, fostering active participation and critical thinking. Hands-on projects and real-world applications allow us to apply our knowledge and develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Interactive class discussions and peer collaboration enrich the learning experience and provide networking opportunities. The course embraces innovative teaching methods, including multimedia presentations and case studies. Moreover, the emphasis on reflective practice encourages continuous growth and a lifelong learning mindset. Overall, this teaching design course offers a remarkable journey, equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and inspiration to excel as design educators".

Sam Smith

Education Advisor

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